Dinky and Santa

Dinky and Santa
Binky has created a character named Dinky the Christmas Elf

Please CALL for scheduling!

Dinky the Elf:
Basic Party - You get to choose 2 of the following 3 programs, face painting, balloon art or magic.  The children will get Trinkets from Dinky, this package is for up to 10 children (more children are extra).  Cost $125. plus tax time allotted 45 minutes.
Deluxe – You get all three programs  (facepainting, balloon art and magic).  This show is an hour and 15minutes for up to 10 Children (more children are extra). Dinky will hand out trinkets to all the children.  Cost $155. plus tax.
Super Deluxe - Is the same as the Deluxe but you get 2 fun filled hours with Dinky the Elf and there are no limits of children. Again, all the kids get trinkets. Cost $305. plus tax.

Santa Claus:
Basic North Pole - Have Santa come visit your Christmas Event!! He’s  can check his calendar to see if he can make a stop. Santa visits for an hour at a time. If you have gifts you’d like him to hand out, he would be happy to assist. Help Santa double check his naughty and nice list my booking him today $115. plus tax.
North Pole deluxe - Santa and Dinky the Elf will come brighten up your holiday event.  Santa sits and visit with all the little children and Dinky can face paint and make balloons animals for all the little ones.  For an hour of cheer with both Santa and Dinky the Elf $325. plus tax. 
North Pole Super Deluxe - Same as the North Pole Deluxe but you get Santa and Dinky for an hour and half fun filled hours for your festive event.  $490. plus tax.